About Me


Hi! I’m Jessica Lazos, the creator and founder of Core Habits.

I have been a registered nurse in an Intensive Care Unit and a Cardiac Catheterization Lab at a Medical Center for the last 12 years. Working with patients over the years has opened my eyes to the consequences of certain lifestyles, the need for people to be their own self-advocates and many health issues are easily preventable.

When I was younger, I struggled with horrible digestive issues. Over a ten-year span, I listened to numerous doctors suggest I take a variety of medications in order to “control my symptoms.” I never took the medications. I didn’t want to “control my symptoms,” I
wanted to CURE the underlying issue. (Not to mention the side effects alone were enough to scare me!) I took it upon myself to do my own research and experimenting. I became my own science project! I found answers to my health problems in something we use and talk about every day…………the answer was in the food we eat.

I was able to completely heal myself from the inside out by changing what I ate. Not only did my gastrointestinal issues clear, but I also lost weight, balanced my hormones, and finally regained energy! I wasn’t following a “diet.” I found something better than a diet; I found the precise formula for my body to help it function at its best.

As happy as I was, I then discovered that all this information was only part of the total equation. The second and most difficult part was making it part of my lifestyle. I realized the key to my sustainable success was through actual habit change. That’s when the light bulb went on!

I can take all the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated, and develop a formula to get people positive results in their health that are actually sustainable! Starting with my family and a few friends, I guided them in finding a blueprint for their body while integrating new positive habits into their life. After seeing actual results, the nurse in me couldn’t wait to help others.

This passion is what led me to Core Habits!

I have designed my programs so they are customized on an individualized basis. Doesn’t it make sense that no two programs are the same since no two people are the same? I use my knowledge of all the different body systems and blend it with my theory of core health and habit change.

My method of habit change is now my ‘secret sauce’ that goes into each program. My ultimate goal for you is to achieve results in your own health that are permanent. With me keeping you accountable through the one-on-one sessions, we will get you to your best health ever!

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