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Well, it’s true…..sometimes you just need a different perspective!

I’m sure I was like many people who have had their New Year’s resolutions end in February, or have paid monthly gym fees even though I haven’t seen the inside of the gym in months.

Well, I can honestly say that Jessica’s take on habit change, through her 90-Day Program, has permanently changed me for the better.  I am feeling physical improvements in my stomach and in my joints, which I attribute to the foods Jessica has talked to me about. These improvements I feel are actually backed up by my improved blood pressure and lab work! (LDL’s now normal!)

My new mindset about habits has even extended to other parts of my life where I have actually quit smoking for the last time!

Thanks, Jess! I feel like you have literally added years to my life! (My husband and children thank you too)

-Diane C.