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I get it…….. I LOVED coffee too!

Giving up coffee for one day, let alone forever did not seem like an option for me!

There is so much conflicting research about the potential positive and negative effects from coffee. In small amounts (a cup a day), coffee is probably just fine. However, that’s the thing with coffee, it’s hard to have just one cup. If you are like me, you slowly become addicted to the energy “high” of coffee. One cup a day turns into two cups a day, which then turns into three cups a day. Soon you find yourself sitting in the starbucks drive thru at 5pm waiting for a venti cold brew!  I had become so addicted to coffee that I thought I had to have a cup of joe before I did anything; going to work, before the gym, while I cleaned my house, before tackling any project.

I hated the idea that I needed coffee to keep my energy levels up for normal day to day things. Was my energy level that low that I needed 3-4 cups of coffee just to get through my day? That wasn’t the only downfall of my addiction. The price of a cup of good coffee (because I had also became a coffee snob) was ridiculous! At the time I didn’t seem to care, because I thought of my afternoon coffee stop as need not a want!

As an experiment to my energy levels (and to my wallet) I decided to stop drinking coffee all together.

How I gave up the Joe

  • To start, I switched from coffee to green tea. I had one cup of green tea with a little honey. To my surprise I didn’t even get a headache on my first day off coffee. Green tea has approximately 44mg of caffeine per cup (compared to a cup of coffee which has anywhere from 100-200mg of caffeine), maybe it was just enough caffeine to keep the withdrawal headache away.
  • I definitely felt tired the first few evenings off coffee. It’s a great excuse to take a nap or to go to bed earlier (this phase did not last long). Within 10 days of the no coffee trial, I realized how good I felt…….my energy levels were actually up and stayed up, I didn’t have that rollercoaster feeling of a super high energy spike followed by a crash.
  • It was all about habit change for me. I realized the HABIT of drinking something warm in the mornings is what I would miss so much. Exchanging coffee for a healthier tea, was an easy habit to change. Oh, and yes I have more cash in my wallet now for more important things, like shoes!

*An added benefit to giving up coffee is that you don’t consume the extra calories from unnatural sugars and creams loaded with preservatives. Plus, your teeth will be whiter and you won’t have to worry about coffee breath!

Choosing a “cleaner” substitute to coffee, like teas or hot lemon water will give you added benefit to your health, such as:

  • Flushing and detoxing the digestive system
  • Hydrating the body, giving you glowing skin
  • Flooding the body with antioxidants (which helps decrease the affects of aging)
  • Increasing metabolism
  • Improving energy levels (without that rollercoaster effect)

Get rid of the coffee habit and you’ll be thanking me a “latte”!

To your health <3

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