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It took me about 10 years to get on the juicing bandwagon. Everyday I would put all my fruits and vegetables into my blender and make “smoothies”. The trouble with this is that certain foods do not blend well leaving my smoothies not so smooth, but oh so chunky!

I wanted a way to flood my body with tons of phytonutrients from a variety of fruits and veggies. Since not all fruits and vegetables blend the same I knew I had to look into finding a juicer. Plus,I recently stumbled upon a juicing recipe book at Barns and Noble, and became inspired by all the different combinations of ingredients that could go into one juice!

So after A LOT of online research and reading many reviews…….I found the one!

Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000.

I did not want to spend a lot of money on my first juicer so I stayed in the price range of $200 and under. I believe I spend $120 on the Cuisinart juicer that I purchased from Amazon.

In my honest opinion I would give this Juicer 5 stars!

Here is why:

  1. It has a 1000 watts of power, this is more than any other juicer I could find under $150.
  2. Clean up is a breeze. All the parts are easily detached so they can be washed AND every part is dishwasher safe. Two tips for clean-up: One—>line the pulp collector container with a plastic grocery bag for easy disposal.  Two—> MOST important make sure the juicer you purchase comes with a cleaning brush to clean the filter basket. Otherwise, it would be impossible to remove all the pulp from the filter basket. This juicer has a brush included.
  3. It has 5 speeds. This is a nice feature because the speed can be adjusted depending how soft or hard the fruit or vegetable is.
  4. The plastic juice pitcher is a good size and fits perfectly under the spout. Plus, it is BPA free.
  5. The juice is super smooth and the left over pulp was surprising very dry. Which made me happy that I was getting the most out of what I was putting in.
  6. Set up of the juicer is idiot proof, which I love!
  7. Finally, I was surprised by how quiet this juicer is, it is quieter than my ninja blender (as a comparison).

******The only not so good thing I found on the Cuisinart Juice Extractor is the juice spout. The flow rate is adjustable, however it never completely turns off, so on the lowest flow rate you will still get drops of juice coming out. This causes a little mess on the counter, which to me is not a big deal, nothing a paper towel can’t fix!

I’m so excited to incorporate juicing into my daily routine!

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To you health!

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