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No one wants to use their sick days when they are ACTUALLY sick!!!

I have managed to keep myself and my husband completely cold, flu and virus free for the last 4 years, with both of us working in a hospital and refusing the flu shot!!

I can’t wait to show you how…….because it truly isn’t hard to do!

Does this sound like you?- Dreading fall and winter because you know you catch EVERYTHING that goes around; colds, stomach bugs, sinus infections, pink eye, strep throat! It is SO frustrating getting sick.

Unfortunately, the solution isn’t a one time fix, it is something you have to stick with, but the payoff is 365 days of good health! Plus, this works for kids too.

The Simple Solution to staying healthy all winter long:

Juice Plus+- This is a whole food supplement that you take everyday, all year round. It floods your body with 30 servings of fruits and vegetables daily for less than $2.40 a day. This product is VERY different than any multivitamin you can buy. The BIGGEST difference is, is that Juice Plus+ gets absorbed directly into your blood stream and works to support your body’s immune system.

Ever notice how after you take a vitamin your urine is bright yellow? That is because man-made, synthetic vitamins do not get absorbed into the blood stream, causing no benefit to the body.  Juice Plus+ is the easiest way to get all the phytonutrients, from REAL fruits and veggies, into your body’s cells. This, my friends, is the step you DO NOT want to skip! Check more about Juice Plus HERE.

Add a GOOD source of plant protein to a green smoothie daily. Every morning I down a POWER packed, immune boosting smoothie. This helps to significantly reduce inflammation. By reducing inflammation your body’s cell have more energy to spend fighting off sickness. Here is my recipe, but you can always alter it to make it fit your taste:

Blend together:

  • 5 ice cubes
  • a scoop of plant protein (Here is the one I use)
  • add Juice Plus+ capsules from step 1 above
  • scoop of wheat grass
  • scoop of flax seed oil or flaks
  • one fruit (blueberries, banana etc)
  • teaspoon of coconut oil
  • fill with a liquid of your choice (nut milk, water, fresh squeezed OJ).

This is one fierce way to start your day!

Cut out sugar and processed foods. All processed foods are loaded with sugar and chemicals causing a cascade of inflammatory responses within the body. This weakens the immune system making you very susceptible to any and all colds and viruses. Try meal prepping in the beginning of the week with lots of REAL foods. Stick to raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, fish, oats, rice, and grass feds meats as much as possible.

DRINK WATER!!! Aim to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. We underestimate the benefit of water. Cells need to stay hydrated for them to do their jobs. Plus, flushing out toxins from the body is going to keep you healthy. A good way to know if your body is hydrated enough is by looking at the color of your urine. You should not be able to tell that you went number one in the the toilet, it should be clear.

What should I do if I find myself starting to feel like I’m coming down with something?

Maybe I’m extra tired, my throat feels a little scratchy OR everyone around me is sick……….

Here are a few tips on how to over power the start of a cold or flu:

  • Elderberry: You can buy elderberry syrup at health food stores, but just a warning, its super expensive. What I do is purchase the Berry Blend chewables from Juice Plus+. They contain elderberries along with 9 other high antioxidant ingredients for a A LOT lower price. I then take triple the dose of the chewables when I feel like I might be getting sick. It works like a charm! You can purchase the Berry Blend HERE.

  • Immune Boosting Tea: Make a hot cup of echinacea tea and add a big tablespoon of honey and a couple tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar, and mix well. The combo of echinacea, honey and apple cider vinegar creates a strong all natural antiviral and antibacterial drink to help kill off any bacterial infections or viruses.

  • Zinc supplement: Add a Zinc supplement short-term into your diet for extra support when you feel a cold or sore throat is coming on.

Want more help strengthening your immune system? Let’s chat, sign up for a free 1 on 1 session with me. Can’t wait to get started !

To your health <3

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