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Why is it that we can’t have a piece of pizza without a soda? OR, why can’t we enjoy chips, pretzels or popcorn without an ice cold bubbly coke?!

The answer is simple…..

Our bodies are constantly trying to stay in balance. So when we down a salty, greasy pizza pie our body natural craves something sweet to try to balance itself out, hence the craving for a soda.

If I could tell you to get rid of ONE thing in your diet, hands down, no question, it would be soda. We all get it, soda is bad for us, but did you know:

  • It’s the quickest way to rot your teeth
  • It contains up to 17 teaspoons of sugar (the recommend amount of sugar per The American Heart Association is no more than 5-9 teaspoons of sugar a day)
  • It is just as addictive as cocaine
  • The caramel coloring in soda increases the risk of getting cancer
  • It significantly decreases the absorption of certain vitamins causing vitamin deficiencies that can lead to brittle bones
  • Drinking soda is one of the fastest ways to put on weight, especially around the belly. Same is true even when you are drinking diet soda.

How much soda is too much?

Well………you are probably a soda addict if you drink one or more a day. So, TODAY I’m going to help you crush your soda addiction for good.

 The Solution…..

  1. Figure out what triggers you to crack open that soda……is it around 3pm at work when all you want to do is take nap? Is it lunch time, dinner time? Or are you one of those people, who instead of coffee you turn to a Mt Dew in the morning ? Whatever that trigger is, identify it.
  2. Now, replace that trigger with something else that is still enjoyable and rewarding. For example, say everyday at work, to get through those last couple hours, around 3pm you always grab a soda from the vending machine. Instead, at 3pm go for a walk to the office coffee shop or across the street to a cafe and pick up an ice coffee with almond milk, or an ice tea. ANYthing is better than soda. If its the bubbles you love, stock up the break room refrigerator with bottles of sparkling flavored waters.
  3. Replace every trigger to get a soda with something else……so if you have 3 sodas a day, you will need to find 3 new replacements. Try this for a month, and I guarantee you will no longer crave that soda pop!

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To your health <3



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